Let's keep this simple.

We're Otto + Reid, and we're here to help you build your wardrobe.

Save time and learn what will make you look great.  We offer a personal styling and wardrobe building service customised to your fit and lifestyle.


We want men in New Zealand to look their best. 

We've learned that most men can't figure out what looks good on them. There may be an item or two in your closet that you know you'll get compliments on, but you may not have any clue why.

We're here to change that.  We offer a wardrobe building service so you have classic pieces in your closet to make outfits from.

We also arm you with the tools you need to know what looks great and why.

1. Sign Up

Fill out a few questions about your sizing, what your closet looks like currently, and how often you'd like to receive a box.  

2. Get Your Box

A box of 5-10 items will show up on your doorstep.  You've got 5 days to try everything on. It's up to you what you decide to keep.

3. Send It Back

After 5 days are up, pack up what you're not keeping.  We've included everything you need to send it back. Just drop it at the post.

There were some GREAT things in there... I'll be getting more boxes in the future because you really nailed it with this selection!

Guy M.

Box arrived, and I'm stoked with the quality! Your styling was spot on. Can't wait to order my next box!

Rudi H.

It's fun when the box arrives as I spend quite a bit of time out of the office. My team is just as excited as me - this time  were all there waiting to see what was inside when I got back.

Todd S.

Clean up your style

Whether you're not sure what to wear, or you don't have time to make it out to the stores, we've got you covered.  We aim to help Kiwi guys look their best.


How often will I get a box?

That's up to you. We offer monthly subscriptions and quarterly subscriptions.  Not sure if you want to commit? We offer a one-off box, too.

When do boxes ship?

Typically, we send boxes out around the 20th of the month. Sometimes they go out a bit earlier or a bit later (we're a small business; things come up!).  That said, we'll always notify you when your box goes out with a tracking number.

What's in the box?

Each month is different.  We want to help you build your wardrobe, so we need to know what's missing (that's up to you!). We start with the basics, then build from there.  That means some months you'll be getting tees, the next formal wear, and then some athletic gear.  Search around the box for a pricelist, some styling suggestions, and a return label to send the box back.

How much does it cost?

Every time you order a box you'll be charged a $37 styling fee. This is what we charge for the time and expertise of your personal stylist as they curate the pieces of clothing specific to you.
We also offer styling plans that can save you some cash - a quarterly plan and an annual monthly plan.
When you complete your style profile you’ll be able to specify your clothing budget. We’ll do our best to pick clothing that fits within that, but on average our prices range from $100-$500.   Shipping and returns are always free.